Wrapping up..

Finally time to say good-bye :)

But before we do that, let us tidy up one little thing - the index.php template.
Our application does not need one but web-servers usually insist on having an index.php (or index.html) in the site's root so you'll find a template by that name in 'site' folder.

Register it by visiting it as super-admin.
You'll see that the template is empty (contains only the two PHP lines to make it a Couch managed template).
You are, of course, free to place whatever is required by your app here but for our Notejam application we'll simply make it redirect to the notes template.

To do that place the following line in it -
<cms:redirect "<cms:link 'notes.php' />" />

Ok, so I suppose that really ends our tutorial.
It was a deceptively simple application but it covered almost all the principles that you'll need to create more complex applications.
Do let us know if you have any questions.

Bye :)