OK, the good thing about the 'Pads' section is that it is almost a copy of the 'Notes' section that we've already studied in excruciating detail.

So, instead of hand-holding you through its template and view snippets, I'll encourage you to take a look at the source files yourselves.
There shouldn't be a single point in there that we haven't already covered and so you should really find everything easy.

Begin from the 'pads.php' template examining the routes defining its various views. Then move over to the 'snippets\views\pads' folder to take a look at the snippets implementing those views.

I'll just jot down the few minor points that are slightly different in this section -

1. You won't find a 'list_view'. It isn't required for pads as we list all the pads in the sidebar of the 'notes' section.

2. The 'page_view' of pads, instead of showing details of a single pad, shows all the notes belonging to that pad. So it is almost identical to the 'list_view' of notes.

We'll now take a look at the final section of Notejam - Users

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