The finished Notejam application will allow visitors to register their accounts from the front-end, manage their profile, reclaim lost passwords etc.
(i.e. all the paraphernalia that is usually associated with a membership site).

As already explained at the outset of this tutorial, we are using the 'extended-users' module ( to implement the mentioned functionalities.

So far, we have made use of only one of the functionalities offered by that module - the creation of users using a custom template.
The config file in 'couch/addons/extended', as it exists at this point, shows the fact -
// Names of the required templates
$t['users_tpl'] = 'users/index.php';
$t['login_tpl'] = '';
$t['lost_password_tpl'] = '';
$t['registration_tpl'] = '';

To put the rest of the functionalities in place, please use the tutorial here - viewtopic.php?f=5&t=8581
We'd interested in the 'extended Users' part of it (

With that we can now finally wrap up this tutorial.

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