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Thank you for providing this cms. I was trying out few CMSs around like WP, Pyro etc. But im an web designer and front-end developer.

Don't have any idea how php works. So this cms could be my hero when i look at the features.

But when im trying to install on my local pc with xampp i just get blank page, nothing in it. I did all the necessary works but nothing is happening, just a blank page.

Any suggestions?
Hi Ventage,

It seems that your setup does not have IonCube decoder loaded (usually this gives a visible warning but in certain configurations a blank page is thrown up).

Please see
for a discussion on how to install IonCube.

I must add that normally on web hosts IonCube is already present so setting it up is only a hassle when you try Couch out on your local system.

Do let me know if this helps.
Ok it fixed. Thank you.
Hi Ventage

It's nice that your issue is fixed now.
do keep in touch and share your experience with couch.

please remove that ioncube encoding!
its a free code then why encoded with IONCUBE?
so we cant modified it? for our purposes?
Mossawir Ahmed - UI UX Web Developer
Dear Mosawwir,

If you have taken a look at our site, you'll find that we say Couch is free for use in personal and non-commercial projects only.
By free, we mean you do not have to buy a commercial license for using it on such projects.
Nowhere on our site have we claimed that its is open source.

Hope that answers your question.
i prefer you to keep it on. in my experience there are about 32% of people that would hack this(and maybe your site) so ill just leave it. Its you choice.
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