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I'm concerned, the footer link on one of my sites ( is not appearing, despite the fact that I have:

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define( 'K_REMOVE_FOOTER_LINK', 0 );
define( 'K_PAID_LICENSE', 0 );

Has something changed in 1.4.7? I don't recollect changing anything other than updating. (I've added it by hand for now.)

Same with me. Should I put it back in manually?
Hi :)

As of v1.4.7 Couch does not automatically insert the footer link into the generated pages.
You may manually place the link as and where you desire.
Yup, those dull links are no longer in play. :D
Please, don't forget to style the backend as well
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                                       *     (     
   (                       )    (    (  `    )\ ) 
   )\          (        ( /(    )\   )\))(  (()/( 
(((_)   (    ))\   (   )\()) (((_) ((_)()\  /(_))
)\___   )\  /((_)  )\ ((_)\  )\___ (_()((_)(_))   
((/ __| ((_)(_))(  ((_)| |(_)((/ __||  \/  |/ __| 
| (__ / _ \| || |/ _| | ' \  | (__ | |\/| |\__ \ 
  \___|\___/ \_,_|\__| |_||_|  \___||_|  |_||___/ 

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  _____                 _      _____ __  __  _____ 
  / ____|               | |    / ____|  \/  |/ ____|
| |     ___  _   _  ___| |__ | |    | \  / | (___ 
| |    / _ \| | | |/ __| '_ \| |    | |\/| |\___ \
| |___| (_) | |_| | (__| | | | |____| |  | |____) |
  \_____\___/ \__,_|\___|_| |_|\_____|_|  |_|_____/

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  __   _,_      __   /_   __   ,____,   , 
_(_,__(_/_(_/__(_,__/ (__(_,__/ / / (__/_)_

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     ,gggg,                                                     ,gggg,   ,ggg, ,ggg,_,ggg,        ,gg,   
   ,88"""Y8b,                                    ,dPYb,       ,88"""Y8b,dP""Y8dP""Y88P""Y8b      i8""8i 
  d8"     `Y8                                    IP'`Yb      d8"     `Y8Yb, `88'  `88'  `88      `8,,8' 
d8'   8b  d8                                    I8  8I     d8'   8b  d8 `"  88    88    88       `88'   
,8I    "Y88P'                                    I8  8'    ,8I    "Y88P'     88    88    88       dP"8, 
I8'             ,ggggg,    gg      gg    ,gggg,  I8 dPgg,  I8'               88    88    88      dP' `8a
d8             dP"  "Y8ggg I8      8I   dP"  "Yb I8dP" "8I d8                88    88    88     dP'   `Yb
Y8,           i8'    ,8I   I8,    ,8I  i8'       I8P    I8 Y8,               88    88    88 _ ,dP'     I8
`Yba,,_____, ,d8,   ,d8'  ,d8b,  ,d8b,,d8,_    _,d8     I8,`Yba,,_____,      88    88    Y8,"888,,____,dP
  `"Y8888888 P"Y8888P"    8P'"Y88P"`Y8P""Y8888PP88P     `Y8  `"Y8888888      88    88    `Y8a8P"Y88888P"

Code: Select all
MM'""""'YMM                            dP       MM'""""'YMM M"""""`'"""`YM MP""""""`MM
M' .mmm. `M                            88       M' .mmm. `M M  mm.  mm.  M M  mmmmm..M
M  MMMMMooM .d8888b. dP    dP .d8888b. 88d888b. M  MMMMMooM M  MMM  MMM  M M.      `YM
M  MMMMMMMM 88'  `88 88    88 88'  `"" 88'  `88 M  MMMMMMMM M  MMM  MMM  M MMMMMMM.  M
M. `MMM' .M 88.  .88 88.  .88 88.  ... 88    88 M. `MMM' .M M  MMM  MMM  M M. .MMM'  M
MM.     .dM `88888P' `88888P' `88888P' dP    dP MM.     .dM M  MMM  MMM  M Mb.     .dM

Code: Select all
    O~~                                        O~~   O~~       O~~  O~~ ~~  
O~~   O~~                         O~~      O~~   O~~O~ O~~   O~~~O~~    O~~
O~~          O~~    O~~  O~~   O~~~O~~     O~~       O~~ O~~ O O~~ O~~     
O~~        O~~  O~~ O~~  O~~ O~~   O~ O~   O~~       O~~  O~~  O~~   O~~   
O~~       O~~    O~~O~~  O~~O~~    O~~  O~~O~~       O~~   O~  O~~      O~~
O~~   O~~ O~~  O~~ O~~  O~~ O~~   O~   O~~ O~~   O~~O~~       O~~O~~    O~~
   O~~~~     O~~      O~~O~~   O~~~O~~  O~~   O~~~~  O~~       O~~  O~~ ~~ 

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Thanks for the Announcement!
So now we have to go to all our templates and add it to stay legal? Or have you also removed the licence requirement?

I think you also need to change the config.php comments if you are going to make these sorts of changes without any publicity, otherwise most of us will be on the wrong side of the copyright laws.

However, the lack of publicity means your ability to sue could be seriously compromised.


I'd say that you don't need to worry too much about the footer link.

Fact of the matter is that, in the spirit of open-source, we never ever placed too much emphasis on the footer link requirement.

If you take a look at the forum you won't find a *single* post where we replied by saying that "Your site is neither licensed nor carries the footer link so we cannot give you support". And, trust me, I come across such sites regularly.

So the point is - the license clauses have not been changed but we have no intention of 'suing' people to get it enforced. Couch is an open-source project and, as I mentioned, in the spirit of it we leave it totally on the users' conscience to comply with the requirement.
Those who want to do it can put in a back-link manually.

I think you also need to change the config.php comments if you are going to make these sorts of changes without any publicity
The config file that ships with v1.4.7 (config.example.php), in fact, no longer has the setting to turn the footer link on/off. Upgrades do not write over the existing config file so there is little we could do about the previous versions.

otherwise most of us will be on the wrong side of the copyright laws.
I do appreciate your concern, @TOF. Hope my reply allays your apprehensions.
I'm also moving over this thread to the announcements section so as to bring this change to light more prominently.
@KK thanks for the clarification. This is all good news.

My own view has always been that Open Source is just that, software to which you can read the source code, it doesn't infer any rights unless the copyright owner grants them. After all if I write a novel, just publishing it doesn't give anyone the right to plagiarize it. I realize that there are those who think that if someone's property is just lying about it is theirs for the taking, a la unlocked-car-with-the-key-in-it syndrome. But the truth is it is still theft.

So while I applaud your philanthropy, I'm also glad you make it clear what rights you grant, and how. I'll be putting the links in, and I hope everyone else will too!

After all, it is a fantastic piece of work, with a support infrastructure second to none.

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