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Hi KK,

first of all again, I'm here because thanks to your cms my web-life changed :P so thanks so much.
Now, like usually, I'm here to be painful with my requests.
As Usual, I'm trying to push couch to the max to give the client the best experience.

So I found this pretty cool little basket ( and I'm trying to achieve this process:

the client will be able to buy to kind of products: physical and coupons.

The coupon will get the codes from a txt file and when the clients bring in the coupon there will be a page where the owner can check and see if the coupon number is valid. If it is it will be removed from the list so it will become unusable.

Anyway up to that moment all good, easy script to do.

Now my problem is to integrate the shopping cart with couch (if it is possible) as with couch I could use the paypal success test to send the automatic email with the coupon. The shopping cart actually is already integrated in the products etc but the checkout process obviously is not. Any possible help? Once I did that I can program couch to send an email with the code for the txt file :)

Please help me out.

PS I read that you are developing a shopping cart integrated into couch so it would be great if I could use this for this project :)
Hi Emanuele,

Cheesypoof has done some serious work on integrating easybasket with Couch (
I think he'd be the best person to guide you here.
Please try PMing him for help (though I am sure he'll be replying on this thread as soon as he notices it :) ).
Hi Emanuele, unfortunately I don't have much to offer you in regards to coupon functionality for easybasket. :( The only thing I can suggest is to contact the developers about your feature request. Nevertheless, do be aware that if you are using the Google Checkout option, you can create coupons in the Google merchant control panel under 'Tools'. To my knowledge, PayPal doesn't make available a coupon creation tool.

I'm not sure if you were aware of this vulnerability but with lots of bolt-on shopping carts, including easybasket, it is quite easy for a visitor to modify product information sent to the cart with a browser inspector tool. Details such as price, title, shipping, etc... are plainly visible in the HTML and are transmitted by the client to the server. All of these values are therefore susceptible to modification.

I coded a Couch template that serves all of the product information to easybasket behind-the-scenes so as to nullify this vulnerability. Let me know if you are interested in the template and related files.
Hi Cheesypoof,

Thanks for your info. If you could help me out with that it will help me a lot.
My question was also if it would be possible to integrate the paypal system of couch with the checkout of easybasket. Once I did that, I created a coupon system in PHP myself so i will integrate it with the paypal button. Tell me if it makes sense.
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