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If you parse price_lists or CSV to update prices, you might encounter currency symbols besides, i.e. 3$ or $3. Your editable is to be filled only with '3' without symbols.

Well, such a trimming can be done with Couch hack:
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<cms:number_format price />"

For now this hack works only with symbols AFTER the number.
You can test this right away:
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<cms:set testvar1='3$' />
<cms:set testvar2='$3' />
<cms:show "<cms:number_format testvar1 />" /><br/>
<cms:show "<cms:number_format tesvar2 />" /><br/>

It would give

Hope this helps to save some loops.
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Hi, trendoman. We could also accomplish this by applying PHP's trim() function by way of a custom tag. The string you want to trim should be the first parameter, currency symbols to be removed are supplied in the second parameter. Of course, you could also use this tag to trim away any other characters you choose.
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<cms:trim_characters "$130.00" "$¥€£¢₡៛₴₱"/>

Additionally, you could use the number_format tag to control the number of decimal places returned.
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<cms:number_format "<cms:trim_characters "£30" "$¥€£¢₡៛₴₱"/>"/>
would return "30.00".

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class TrimCharacters{   
    function trim_characters( $params, $node ){
        global $FUNCS, $CTX;
        if( count($node->children) ) {die("ERROR: Tag \"".$node->name."\" is a self closing tag");}
        return trim( $params[0]['rhs'], $params[1]['rhs'] );
$FUNCS->register_tag( 'trim_characters', array('TrimCharacters', 'trim_characters') );
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