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Thanks @Tim for the information you provide

Yes I am trying to restore on my local server, and after follow your information its successfully restore.

Dear Tim, there is something I do not understand.
I have custom generated file install-ex.php (client backup)
I just follow the procedure for recovery of the database and everything is fine.
But lost User Information ...! Is this normal?

orbital wrote: I just follow the procedure for recovery of the database and everything is fine.
But lost User Information ...! Is this normal?

This is intentional, because designers and developers often develop websites in local/development servers with some temporary credentials, then migrate to client's server and create super-admin user for the client with client's email. Afaik, it is not possible to change super-admin's email in backend, that is why the new installation is always clean and super-admin is created again.

If only you have an extended-users configuration with tens or, even, hundreds of users this could create some trouble. Here I have zero experience, maybe @KK could answer better. What I do know is that while extended users setup is configured and created on developer's side, it is very unlikely to have all the users signed up and filled with data. Probably some fake/temporary data is tested. But migration, indeed, should be taken into account. I will address your question to @KK. Thanks!
Yes, it is true that the user table is intentionally not exported (for the reasons @trendoman mentioned).

The dump utility is primarily meant for migrating sites from development server to the final deployment server (as opposed to migrating a fully established site from one server to another). As such, it is expected that there won't be much data around.

With regards to extended-users, although the 'user' accounts won't be migrated, the associated cloned pages would be normally migrated. To recreate the real accounts from these cloned pages, we'll need press 'save' on each cloned page which will trigger the re-creation of the user accounts.

Tedious but, again, it is expected that a site in development stage won't have much data.

Hope that answers the query.
As @KK said, the gen_dump.php utility was originally meant for migrating sites from development to production. @potato came up with this clever means of using it as a database backup utility for clients.

:mrgreen: Shameless Plug :mrgreen:
More recently, I created a Database Utility for managing database backups. You can use it to create, restore, and manage database backups for Couch sites. It restores all data including user data when restoring a database, without having to jump through all the hoops of a fresh install like this method uses.

Hi, I have a strange problem when migrating a site.
The site uses extended users. There are 83 users. I am having to migrate the site to another server. I have used the gen_dump facility to generate the install_ex, everything works as it should.
As I understand from the posts here, the extended users profiles are NOT exported. However the cloned pages of users are exported, and I should just go through all the cloned users, and save them (while putting in a new password - won't save otherwise). The problem is that I manage to get so far, 42 records in this instance, and it just stops creating new extended users, when I save the cloned page. It seems to just deleting one of the other users at random, and replacing it with the new one I have just saved. I'm pretty sure I had this problem with another site I was migrating recently, but there were less than 20 users, and I just recreated them all in extended users.
Is this a known problem? Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks in advance!
@ewanmc, this is not expected behavior. Neither has this been reported before.

If you wish I can take a look at your setup (PM me the FTP+Couch creds).

As an alternative, I'd suggest you take a phpMyAdmin dump from the original site and apply it to the target site.
I think that should prove to be easier and more effective in this case.
Thanks KK. I ended up realising that the majority of users had never really used the site, so I just deleted them.
Still a strange problem, which I am sure has happened to me previously. Must be something I'm doing!
Anyway, yes, if I'm doing this again I'll just take a straight phpadmin dump as you say. I should really have thought of that to be honest. Oh well...

Thanks as always KK
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