KK wrote: I think the problem lies here -
rev_relation_<cms:show k_template_id />=my_related_products

You can't use Couch tag on the left-side of '='.
Please use explicitly the correct name of the relation field (e.g. "rev_relation_24" where24 is the template id).

That said, I have my doubts about your decision to use <cms:show k_template_id /> or <cms:show k_template_name /> to set the names of editable regions - it will only make things difficult, as you are seeing with the current problem.

Thankyou for your assistant, it works.

One more thing, when i logged in with Authenticate Users level, it always showing an error Cheating?! when i try to follow some members with the same level which is Authenticate Users too.

How to fix this one?