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This project is no longer maintained; native functionality has been introduced with extended users functionality (viewtopic.php?f=5&t=8581).

Hi everyone,

I recently created a user login implementation:

While a future Couch release may very well supersede this project with more native functionality, we can tackle this feature right now with the new DataBound tags and a small amount of PHP.

I would appreciate a community effort to test this and provide feedback. Feel free to open issues and make pull requests on GitHub if you would like to contribute. Star the repository if you find it helpful.

Thanks and let me know your thoughts. :)
Very nice.. great...super ...!!

Thanks for sharing.
I load frameworks and write bugs on top of them, after that I rearrange the code so that it looks like a cool product.
I've been working on my own form of registration system for the past 2 days, and though I feel I was heading in the right direction I have a feeling this method will be waaay better haha.

Upon trying this method and attempting to register account, login, register, reset and users.php with CouchCMS I'm being presented with the parse error, syntax error, unexpected '{' in addons\password-compatibility.php on line 10. Which happens to be namespace {.
I'm not too familiar with namespace but shouldn't it be followed by an identifier?

I'm stuck here.
I'm not primitive, My time machine just malfunctioned in your era.
Are you using PHP 5.3.7 or later? This is a requirement...
I'm using the portable couch server to test this, which by the looks of things is v5.2.17.

I do not know how to upgrade it yet despite this is the latest download off

Additionally I think you should add (by default) an image area for the user profile, and a part that displays the registered user's gravatar
I'm not primitive, My time machine just malfunctioned in your era.
Supporting PHP 5.2 is not an option with the chosen password hashing library.

Perhaps the portable download should be updated when we release 1.4.5. In the meantime, you could give the latest Uniform Server ( a try. You will also probably need to reinstall your files and databases though...

Adding a user avatar field is something I planned to do and would be quite straightforward. I haven't had the time to do this yet, so patches welcome.

Edit: User avatars added with release v0.7.0
I installed new uniserver over old portable couch program and all databases are intact..

So now I can test the user login implementation offline, not online (my web host is still using PHP5.2) and immediately I noticed a problem, when registering a new user an activation email has to be sent out... How?
I'm not primitive, My time machine just malfunctioned in your era.
The email is sent out automatically with the send_mail tag if your hosting configuration supports it. A live host should handle this just fine. For a local setup we can just output the contents of the email directly to a log file while developing. There are only two places where emails are sent: user-register.php and user-password-reset.php. Please add debug='1' to the send_mail tags. After you try register or reset your password, look for the generated log.txt file in your root folder.
This is bloody awesome! It's by cheesypoof so you know it's gotta be good.

Granted this may be implemented into future CouchCMS versions, but this is for people who want this functionality now, like me.

I have been long pondering as to how I could implement user login... problem solved. BIG thumbs up!

@cheesypoof, can I buy you a beer?

- From a happy CouchCMS supporter.
Glad you like it @izzy ;)

Anyone who has downloaded previous versions of this should update to the latest stable release ( It has a much more sound authentication mechanism which is partially inspired by Couch's own user implementation.

Nevertheless, this project will shortly have little utility going forward as @KK has been working hard on a member addon that exposes all of this functionality and more with Couch tags.
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