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cheesypoof wrote: The API script referenced in this case appears to have made some breaking changes. Could you try 'DrewM' instead of 'Drewm'?

Still no luck with DrewM
It looks like more changed on MailChimp's side as well; they released a new API... Please see the updated code in the original post @Bartonsweb. I am not able to test this currently, so I do hope it works as is.
This seems to submit correctly, though I didn't receive a confirmation email, I suspect that is an error not to do with the script. I'll do some testing when I'm back at work and figure it out, thanks Cheesy!
Perhaps this was simply a matter of the chosen 'status' setting of 'subscribed' bypassing the normal route of sending a confirmation email. Try use 'pending' instead.
Thanks Cheesypoof, all works now.
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