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I am afraid but the 'custom_field' parameter will not work for a 'composite' field ('repeatable regions' in this case).
and one more personal question KK.. I'm planning to purchase license for standard version to my website.. I just check'd and it has only paypal option ... no other means of payment?
We currently only support PayPal, Robert. other means at all?
I am sorry but there is no other way at all. for the moment.
Hey, got a question about this.

Would there be any way to make it so that we can put TBD or N/A or something with this and make it so that when we are sorting it it still sorts properly?

Steven C
Sorry Steven but I couldn't get you here (this thread has branched out into several topics).
Could you please explain the question a little more?

What im trying to do is make it so I can also select a data that is something Like TBD(To Be Determined). What its for is for the games release date. But I still want it to show the game in the right order. Meaning that any game that is TBD will be listed on top of any games that actually have a date.

Hope that explains it.

Steve C
I am afraid but I can't think of any way to get that done.

However, maybe we can try the following -
for games that do not yet have a fixed release date, choose a date way out into the future e.g. maybe 10 years from now.
When listed, the future games will, of course, be listed before the other games. We can easily check if the date falls in that future period and consider it TBD (i.e. not display the alloted date).

Is this idea any good?
Yeah that would actually work, Thanks, I didnt think of doing it that way.
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