I have seen a number of posts in the forum where in Couch Developers want to use Font Awesome from the Couch Admin Panel. I have come to this point quite a few times myself.

So I finally wrote an Addon for it. I hope it comes in handy for CouchCMS users.

ADDON: Font Awesome
Now use Font Awesome from within cms:editable tag.
This is only for Font Awesome 4.7 | 600+ icons available

1. Download the attached zip file (fa-icon.zip) and extract it.
2. Copy the extracted folder to /couch/addons/
3. Add the following line to kfunctions.php
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require_once( K_COUCH_DIR.'addons/fa-icon/fa-icon.php' );

1. Define an editable region as:
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<cms:editable name="text_icon" type="fa_icon" />

2. To display the icon selected in the backend, use the following code:
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<i class="fa <cms:show text_icon />"></i>

For those who are familiar with Font Awesome, would know that there is a size range for the icons in Font Awesome (fa-lg, fa-1x to fa-5x) to use that you can just add it to the output as:
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<i class="fa <cms:show text_icon /> fa-3x"></i>

Checked With and works:
1. globals.php (as in the tutorial section of couch)
2. In repeatable regions
3. Standalone editable regions

If you find it useful, please do let us know.

This can be extended to use almost all other text based icons such as: Google Material Icons, Ionicons, etc. with some tweaks.