Hello @All,

This post is in reference to the post here.

Thanks to @Tomarnst for giving me the head-start.

Due to some server issues, I was advised to attach the content of the post. I have done so below:

PDF Exporter Module.zip
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There can be other ways to implement the code(s) above. But this post contains the basics for generating the PDF using the mPDF Library and our very own CouchCMS.

I hope it can be helpful for the community. I would also like to mention the help and support KK Sir always provides. Thanks a lot for the help, support and motivation @KK sir!!!

The best part, according to me is that mPDF allows us to control the PDF design using regular HTML code and CouchCMS retrofits with mPDF to generate PDF with values stored in the Database.

These codes can be used in the index.php file too, but for purposes of keeping the code uncluttered and have a clear understanding I have created two separate files.

In case anyone has an query, please feel free to drop a reply. I will try to help to the best of my working knowledge of mPDF and CouchCMS integration.