HTML5 Color Picker

This color picker uses the HTML5 input type="color" to select colors in the admin panel. We're all using modern browsers now, so there is no longer any need for a JS utility unless you want to get fancy. Because it uses the native HTML5 input type, the look and function of the field will vary between browsers and platforms.

Simply add an editable field of type 'color' to allow editors to select a color using their native tools.

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<cms:editable type='color' name='my_color' label='Color Picker' desc='pick a color, any color' />

You may add four optional parameters to the tag:
This will be the initial value of the field before it is saved. The default is white (#ffffff).


The width and height of the input field within the admin panel. Requires valid CSS width and height values. The default width is 100%. The default height is empty.

Allow the user to add opacity to the color with the parameter alpha='1'. This will add an HTML5 slider to the admin field for setting the color's alpha value. The color is saved as an 8-digit hexadecimal color. The additional two digits are the alpha value. This is a relatively new standard, but it's widely adopted except for the now retired Internet Explorer. If your site needs to support IE, don't use this alpha feature.

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<cms:editable type='color' 
   label='Color Picker'
   desc='pick a color, any color'

Installing the Add-On
Download and unzip the file. Place the unzipped folder in your couch/addons/ folder. Register the add-on by adding a line of code to couch/addons/kfunctions.php.

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require_once( K_COUCH_DIR.'addons/color-picker/color-picker.php' );