For enthusiasts, some bootstrap help to track user-selected pages in backend. Works across paginated pages. Script uses JS Cookie plugin ( Restore functionality after ajax-induced actions.
There is a variable COUCH that has many useful applications.

Possible application is an action over multiple selected pages at once (especially helpful in paginated list-view or gallery-view) -
  • publish / unpublish
  • delete
  • export as ..
  • move to a folder
  • relate to some other page

PM for full solution if you need one.
Code: Select all
        <cms:admin_load_js path="" />

        _selectDeselect = function(){

            if (typeof Cookies == "undefined") {
                console.warn('Warning - js.cookie.min.js is not loaded.');

            if (typeof Cookies.get('mySelectedPages') == "undefined") {
                Cookies.set('mySelectedPages', '', { expires: 1 });

            COUCH.el.$content.find( ".checkbox-item" ).not( ":disabled" ).on( "change", function( e ){

                ... do whatever

            Cookies.set('mySelectedPages', pages, { expires: 1 });

        $( function (){

        $( document ).ajaxComplete(function( event, xhr, settings ) {
            _selectDeselect(); // restore functionality after ajax events


If you want a feature in backend, but don't know how to make it all work together - PM me for a quote.