I have a default Couch installation and set up some folders in my clonable template. I don't want to see a warning about an empty folder, while it has no images but does have subfolders.

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I feel like there should be no warning for a folder in case it at least has subfolders.

Very often folders are meant to create hierarchy and I'd like to have a warning like above only in deepest possible subfolder. It would make sense then, since pics are meant to be added only to deepest folders. So this is my case and I have it fixed the following way:

I have put content_list_inner_gallery.html from _system theme in my custom theme. Then there was this line in that snippet:
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<cms:show my_folder_empty />

So, I coded up a chunk to calculate amount of present subfolders and save it into a variable, then wrapped that line in a condiftion i.e.
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<cms:if "<cms:not subfolders_present />" >
    <cms:show my_folder_empty />

That worked.