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No, this is not a solution.
orbital wrote: No, this is not a solution.

Unfortunately what you ask will not be done (my humble prediction). I tried to show you other options, because Couch can not solve all your problems :)
@orbital, some idea crossed my mind today about your request. Location of "uploads" folder is regulated by config.php file. If /couch folder is accessed, it will be working with the folder specified in config. So if you can have multiple configs for different admins, you can establish separate folders for each of admin.

To illustrate the working approach - create several /couch folders and several /uploads folders - like couch1, couch2, upload1, upload2 etc. with identical configs taken from existing /couch installation. Change only the location of /uploads folder in each config. So, all your backends (mere entry points) will work with a single database but will upload images to different folder each.

Final step would be to restrict admin1 from entering backend at /couch2. Normally it is possible since the database is shared. So, here you must use htaccess password protected folders and give correct password to correct admin. So, admin1 will have password to access folder /couch1 and after that he can login to backend.

Again, your request is far from the scope of the problems Couch tries to solve (make editable and clonable HTML). So my suggestion may not be suitable in your use case, but it seems to be the only one possible workaround at this moment and foreseeable future.

EDIT: not possible. Couch keeps links to images relative to current upload directory hence links become broken.
Thanks for the discussion.
However, if we have different directories for individual administrators - then how will the files (images) appear on the product page.
Is now too late to change the image location on the product page.
I think the task can be solved with PHP, I read a lot about this topic today, and I see that other popular CMSs have the ability to set folder permissions separately for different administrators.
Let's leave the topic open ...
orbital wrote: how will the files (images) appear on the product page.

For the frontend there is no problem. For the backend, indeed, this is a tradeoff only for superadmin. I do not try to provide a complete solution, just an idea for someone desperate with untrusted outsiders.

orbital wrote: set folder permissions separately for different administrators.

Maybe. But how will dependent editables ('thumbnail', 'jcropthumb') work in backend?
Extended users and databound forms should grant you the ability to implement the functionality you desire. See the note-taking application @KK developed as a tutorial.

Your users would be normal registered users with no access to the back-end admin panel, but a role (to be defined and assigned by you) with its appropriate privileges to manage data from a front-end editing interface. No interaction with the file manager is required - use the securefile editable type.
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