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Hi, I download and try this version CKEditor and Responsive FileManager and like it.

How to change a default language to English in CKEditor?

I want to be this in the English language.
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try to make it:
open file:

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// config.language = 'fr';

and write:
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config.language = 'en';
:roll: Thank You! :oops:

I don't have any predefined language so I just put in a >>config.js<< file the code:

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config.language = 'en';
Hi, can you reupload this? Download link si expired. Thanks.
andrejprus wrote: Hi, I have made update for CKEditor to 4 version and integrated new filemanager


Update is for 2.2 beta (file field.php)

Download link:


Links don't work anymore can you upload it somewhere else? Thanks in advance!
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