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Hi, ive installed couch on an existing straight forward index.php page. like the tut for the about us page, however now you need to be logged into couchcms to actually use the site or view my from end? it literally does a redirect to the login page for couch?

The login prompt could mean that the template is not registered yet (you need to visit it as super-admin for the registration and that is what the login prompt is about).

To check that, please log into the admin panel and take a look at the sidebar - is the template in question visible there?
If not, that means it is not yet registered. While still being logged in, open a new tab in the same browser and access the template. This visit as super-admin should register the template. Coming back to the admin-panel, you should see the template in the sidebar. Now anyone can access the template without the login prompt.

Hope this helps.
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