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Thanks Tim ! It's perfect :)
Hey Tim, I'm having a weird issue with this, was wondering if you can help.
My minify code is (jquery is already loaded)
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<cms:minify 'js' as='js/script.min.js'>
         mode: 'fade',
         moveSlides: 1,
         slideMargin: 0,
         infiniteLoop: true,
            controls: false,
         minSlides: 1,
         maxSlides: 1,
         speed: 800,
            touchEnabled: false,
            auto: true,
            pause: 6000

Everything works as expected, but the problem is in the error log - every time i visit the page I get this error
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PHP Warning:  filemtime(): stat failed for /home/my_site_path/_|*KCODECHUNK*|_ in /home/my_site_path/couch/addons/minify-js-css/minify.php on line 90

I looked, and the function at line 90 is checking the file modification dates, and invalidating the cache etc if necessary. I'm not using timestamps, and if I comment out the function, the error message stops. Other testing narrowed it down to the stuff inbetween the /*CODE*/ blocks - and the error message was generated no matter what I put in there - even a simple alert.

So, it's not a huge issue (as long as it works!), but I don't like errors when I can't fix them :)
Hopefully I'm not missing anything stupid (as is often the case),
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