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Please drop me a PM with FTP+Couch access creds and I'll take a look at the matter. Thanks.

The filter addon required a minor change.
I have done that (also updated the zip attached with this thread).

Please check your site and confirm.
yes! it works!
thank u!
Hi KK,

I have tried installing the Addon.
But sadly, all I get is an empty dropdown menu, and only a triangle facing down is showing. Nothing happens when I click on it.
Like this:


Any idea?
It creates a div with the class of "select filter-field", and its empty.

Here's my config file for the plugin:
(the page I'm working on is the "contacts.php" file)

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    if ( !defined('K_COUCH_DIR') ) die(); // cannot be loaded directly

    ///////////EDIT BELOW THIS////////////////////////////////////////

    // Names of the templates with names of the editable-regions used as filters (use '|' to separate multiple regions) e.g.
    $t['contacts.php'] = 'filter';
    // $t['news.php'] = 'state | genre';

And here's the code for the editable field in the "contacts.php" file:
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    <cms:editable type="radio" name="filter" opt_values="test | test2" label="testing" />

Thanks a lot
Hi larin555,

I tested out your exact code on my setup and it seems to be working just fine for me.

Could you please try using the current version of Couch available from GitHub?
Do let me know if it helps.
Hello KK,

Weirdly enough, I tried from a fresh install and it's working now, with the latest Couch 2.0 build from Git.

Thank you!
I tried using this with the newest version from github but I don't get a dropdown field. My editable region is text though, does this not work with text?

I would need it because the search field is useless because i need to search for stuff shorter than 4 chars. Is there any way to do this? I would need to search for "ABC Stuff 123"

Edit: I managed to do what I want by changing the cms:search tag to allow searches for 3 char words like descriebed here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9789&start=10#p28402

It would still be nice if the dropdown filter worked though.
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