Sometimes it is nice to prefetch new values for a 'bound' input either or mode='edit' or mode='create'. What I mean is when databound form is in mode='edit' input will always reflect the data from backend. Or when mode='create' input will be empty (type='text').
Easy way to offer visitor possibility to enter some desired text & choose from your values is this:

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<cms:form method='post' masterpage='index.php' mode='create' anchor='0' name='t' >

        <cms:if k_success >

            <cms:set_flash name='data' value="No page has been created<br/><br/><cms:dump />" />   
            <cms:redirect k_page_link />


    <cms:input name='by' type='bound' style="width:200px;" list='browsers' />

      <datalist id="browsers">
        <option value="Internet Explorer">
        <option value="Firefox">
        <option value="Chrome">
        <option value="Opera">
        <option value="Safari">

    <cms:input name='submit' type="submit" value="Submit" />

<cms:get_flash 'data' />

This complete working sample for a clonable template 'index.php' and a text editable named 'by' will show preset values to choose from thanks to <datalist> html tag.