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It would be great if 'administrator' level users could add further administrators rather than restricting this to the super admin.

When building sites for clients I tend to keep the super admin login for myself and create a separate administrator login for whoever i'm building the site for. Typically though the client wants multiple admins over time which means either:

1) Doing this for them each time
2) Giving them the super admin credentials

I don't find either of these options to be suitable as it means that either they're not in control (option 1) or i'm not in control (option 2).

Let me know if this is a possibility

There is a possibility for admins to create more admins with a consequence: superadmins will be able to create more superadmins and soon there will be too many of them :lol: :D

Ok, I took a break from my work and found this thing for you.
If you are on 1.4.7 -> open edit-users.php, Line 115.
Find a piece $AUTH->user->access_level - 1, 1 and make it $AUTH->user->access_level, 1
Full string would become for 1.4.7:
Couch 1.4.7, edit-users.php wrote: echo '<p>' . $FUNCS->access_levels_dropdown( $user->access_level, $AUTH->user->access_level, 1 );

For Couch 2.0 it's in field.php, Line 1387. Same change.
Couch 2.0, field.php wrote: $html = $FUNCS->access_levels_dropdown( $this->page->access_level, $AUTH->user->access_level, 1 );

Enjoy :D

P.S. Moved to Tips&Tricks in case someone needs this.
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Great :lol:

Thx mate!
As soon as possible!

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Haha, thanks trendoman this is great. I guess with great power comes great responsibility so I'll try and keep those superadmins to a minimum!
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