My first time posting here :)

I have a system where many emplyees can post a form with DB and i wanted a unique ID for each page and for this me and Trendoman had to make a AUTO generate function. Maybe someone else have the use for this :)

Here it goes in 4 steps:

1. Make a editable like this and place it between <template> and </template>

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[b]    search_type='integer'
        required='1' />

2. Set last and next ID and place the following before the FORM tag <cms:form......

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<cms:set last_id = "<cms:pages masterpage=k_template_name limit='1' orderby='id' order='desc' show_future_entries='1' ><cms:show id /></cms:pages>" scope='global' />
<cms:set next_id = "<cms:add last_id '1' />" scope='global' />

3. Add some changes to db_persist_form

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4. And finaly make the <cms:input field.....

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<cms:input name='id' type="text" placeholder="<cms:show next_id />" value="<cms:show next_id />" class="form-control" />

And there you go :) Now your form will always make a unique ID and the ID also follows if you deleted pages direct in admin section.

A sweet and amazing function, and thanks to Trendoman for helping on this