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Cache is a very nice feature, which serves pregenerated html files, makes pages load lightning fast, does not call any tags and mysql. Basically, serving a static page.

Cache can be enabled/disabled in /couch/config.php
define( 'K_USE_CACHE', 1 );

I'm quoting @KK here below with even more details about caching. It might save a lengthy answer in future. I personally found something new in it.

Basically Couch employs a very simple kind of caching strategy.
Following is some pseudo-code of the process -

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if( caching is on ){

    if( user is not logged-in AND has explicitly not asked to bypass cache){ // by appending 'nc=1' to the URL the cache can be bypassed
        if( the current URL is in cache ){ // a file with the name of the current URL's MD5 hash is searched in cache
            if( the cache has not been busted ){ // any 'save' has not been done to *any* page after this file was cached
                return this cached file // execution ends here

//if we are here, either the user was logged in, or an unlogged user had used 'nc=1' or the current URL was not in cache ..
// process request normally (i.e. parse template and send back whatever was outputted)

output = parse_template() // i.e run all Couch tags to get the final output

if( caching is on ){

    if( <cms:no_cache /> was not found anywhere in the template just parsed ){
        cache_output() // save it as a file named with the MD5 of the current URL

return output // end of execution

I think that should give you an over-all view of the process.
Wow great explanation! :D
Now i understand how couch's cache work!

Nice job green lantern squad!
As soon as possible!

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What it the correct strategy to use cache with sorting/display options? For example, a list of pages can be loaded with 10/25/100 items per page and setting for a pagecount stays now in session. Shall I move this from session to url with querystring to make so the cache properly recognizes the page? with 10 posts per page has different content from the same paginated url if it's 100 posts per page. Should _all_ sorting/view options be included in url for the cache being properly used? Number of parameters can be big, including list/grid views, sort AzzA, date, price etc..

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