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This helped a lot: ... r-21138562

Diabled IPV6 on localhost. Now everything is rocket-fast.

edit mysql file 'my.ini'

under the [wampmysqld] add the following:

bind-address = ::
Save file and restart mysql service

In my case it was a [mysqld] section.
Thanks for sharing the tip, @trendoman :)
Very useful.
Adding to what @trendoman noticed -

One local stack I was testing on was also running pretty sluggish.
Changing 'localhost' to '' brought back things to normal -
// 7.
// MySQL hostname (it will usually be 'localhost')
//define( 'K_DB_HOST', 'localhost' ); // slowwwwww
define( 'K_DB_HOST', '' ); // this change made wampp finally speed up

Reason for this problem is that with IPv6 enabled, when 'localhost' is used the connection is made to ::1.
This fails if the server is not set up for it. So using IPv4 address explicitly (or disabling IPv6 as @trendoman did) helps in rectifying the problem.
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