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Can I change mode = 'create' instead of mode = 'edit'?
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    <cms:template clonable='1'>
        <cms:repeatable name='my_repeatable'>
            <cms:editable name='my_text' type='text' />
            <cms:editable name='my_checkbox' type='checkbox' opt_values='Newspaper || Website || Phone Book' />
            <cms:editable name='my_dropdown' type='dropdown' opt_values='Make a selection=- | Yes=2 | No=1' />

    <cms:set submit_success="<cms:get_flash 'submit_success' />" />
    <cms:if submit_success >


        <cms:if k_success >
            <cms:capture into='my_data' is_json='1'>
                <cms:show_repeatable 'my_repeatable' as_json='1' />
            </cms:capture >
            <cms:capture into='my_data.' is_json='1'>
                  "my_text" : <cms:escape_json><cms:show frm_my_text2 /></cms:escape_json>,
                  "my_checkbox" : <cms:escape_json><cms:show frm_my_checkbox2 /></cms:escape_json>,
                  "my_dropdown" : <cms:escape_json><cms:show frm_my_dropdown2 /></cms:escape_json>
            </cms:capture >


            <cms:if k_success >
                <cms:set_flash name='submit_success' value='1' />
                <cms:redirect k_page_link />

        <cms:if k_error >
            <div class="error">
                <cms:each k_error >
                    <br><cms:show item />

            bound inputs can be placed here
        <cms:input name='my_text2' type='text' /><br>
        <cms:input name='my_checkbox2' type='checkbox' opt_values='Newspaper || Website || Phone Book' /><br>
        <cms:input name='my_dropdown2' type='dropdown' opt_values='Make a selection=- | Yes=2 | No=1' /><br>

        <cms:input type='submit' name='submit' value='Submit' />
Can I change mode = 'create' instead of mode = 'edit'?

I don't see any problem with that.

I am exploring the path of setting RR's data dynamically from backend. Example use-case is occasionally pasting a huge json into a textarea field and voila - repeatable region is set without a ton of work.

Tag cms:persist is not reliable for this case - it saves only the first row, it demands only a variable name (rregion = my_data) and doesn't accept a json-encoded string as region's data (doesn't work as rregion = '[{"field":"data"}]' ).

I am using the following code for the demo template which illustrates the problems -
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<?php require_once( 'couch/cms.php' ); ?>
<cms:template clonable='1'>
    <cms:repeatable name='my_repeatable'>
        <cms:editable name='my_text' type='text' />
        <cms:editable name='my_text2' type='text' />
        <cms:editable name='my_checkbox' type='checkbox' opt_values='=1' />
    <cms:editable type='textarea' name='log' label='Log' />

        dummy = "<cms:set my_persist_data = '[{"my_text":"578","my_text2":"","my_checkbox":"1"},{"my_text":"99","my_text2":"","my_checkbox":"1"}]' is_json='1' />
                 <cms:capture into='my_persist_data_log'>
Var 'my_persist_data' is set: <cms:show my_persist_data as_json='1' />.
Is array? <cms:is_array my_persist_data />.
Array cnt: <cms:arr_count my_persist_data />.
        my_repeatable = my_persist_data
        log = my_persist_data_log
<?php COUCH::invoke(); ?>

Did I miss something or it is not possible to make cms:persist save repeatable region?

Thanks and regards
I even tried a snippet, but it only saves 2 rows if accessed as super-admin from the front-end (<cms:persist> is triggered). However saving a page in the backend only saves the first row.
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<cms:persist dummy = "<cms:embed 'save.html' />"
             params = my_rr />

// Content of save.html -
<cms:set my_rr  = '[{"param" : "width", "value":"123"},{"param" : "width", "value":"555"}]' is_json='1' scope='global'/>

I also tried to no luck creating a variable inside cms:html -
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        <cms:set my_rr  = '[{"param" : "width", "value":"123"},{"param" : "width", "value":"555"}]' is_json='1' scope='global'/>

The variable is available within cms:persist, but a very strange thing happens - if I manually add another row (total now 3) then repeatable gets overwrited (just like I need) with the values set in the global variable. However if I delete 1 row from the 2 saved rows and save the page - the change persists, single row gets saved and values from the global variable do not overwrite RR's data. Seems like overwriting doesn't happen all the time (as with other editables).

Please, any comments?
So far my successful hack looks ugly -
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    <cms:persist dummy = "<cms:php>$_POST['_f_params_sortorder'] = '';</cms:php>"
                 params = my_rr
Your 'hack' seems to be the correct solution in this situation.

See, if a RR is physically present in a form, it will also have a companion field (if the RR is named 'xxx', the companion will be named '_f_xxx_sortorder') - this field keeps track of the rows order as they are moved up/down or added/deleted.

When the form is submitted, if Couch finds that the companion field is missing it assumes that the RR values were being set programmatically (i.e. the RR was not actually present in the form), like in all the previous examples of this thread, and acts accordingly.

In your case, the RR *is* physically present in the form *and* you are trying to programmatically set the the RR's values.
This is confusing the save routine.

The solution is to remove the companion sort field from the posted values - this will make Couch disregard the physically present RR and use only the programmatically set values.
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