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Hi, Couchers :)

I have just finished a project, it takes about a week (html+css+couch).
I also attach screenshots of admin panel, in order to showcase the whole structure.
Images are legally bought, and design choices were made by my wife.

What is about multilanguage?
This website should autodetect your language and show itself in either english, russian or georgian.
This functionality is enriched with couch sessions extention.
So, language choice is persistent no matter what page is being navigated to.


1945 - 2023
Hi trendoman!
What a nice website!

I have done a multi lang website before, its english, indonesian and france. I put every lang content in group. Like english content inside english group, indonesian content inside indonesian group, and france content on france group. It help me the client to easly update the content.
As soon as possible!

Touch me up : abada[dot]zulma[at]gmail[dot]com
@GoingMarryAsap, thank you!

This current approach has helped a lot, when I sat down with client and he edited the text in his language. So, he basically was looking at english and russian version and thought of correct forms to write a sentence. So, for some people it is easier to check things one by one.

Your approach is perfectly valid and I will use it with websites, where content would be different, not translated identically. Perhaps, where different people would manage different versions.

Another thing to consider, a richtext and repeatable regions don't look good on my pc when are in group. So, I tried to put in groups only text. It will be different with the new admin panel, i suppose.
1945 - 2023
I'm really interested in pricing of such a work. What tag would you put on a site like that?
If this discussion is against the rules, @KK, I will halt.
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Attached goes the code. Good start to understand the language sessions and logic.


1945 - 2023
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