Showcase your site built with CouchCMS here. Feel free to post in your site's screenshots (width not more than 640px please), links and your experience with Couch.
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webecho wrote: Thanks for the offer Simon, but I only came here for advice on coding CouchCMS and how to make the most of it.
This is a B2B website so it's about qualified leads rather than 10k hits a day from random people.
We're enjoying good rankings and strong leads so all is going to plan


Thumbs up :)
Erm, this site appears to be written in Joomla? If there has been a complete re-write (and not, say, a shameless plug), can a mod delete this topic? Unless I am mistaken and couch and joomla can co-habit peacefully..


there are joomla references in the code.
you can log into joomla: [domain]/administrator/

You're spot on.
The Client was 'advised' to remake the entire site (almost identically) in Joomla (6 months after the original was put up and paid for) by his new 'Marketing Guru' who happened to own a Web Development company that specialises in Joomla ... go figure lol.

But yeah ... doesn't showcase CouchCMS anymore ... KK - hit that big red Delete button mate :)

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