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The Ecowatt Renewable Energy Consultants website has just gone live.

This is the first live site I've used Couch for and it was mostly a good experience.

I like how Couch allows me to build and code a site in my usual style while still giving access to some areas for the client to alter themselves.
It's a simple site and I'm sure I haven't used Couch to it's full potential but I'm looking forward to making the next one.

Hope you don't mind the Keyworded link KK - happy to change if it's a rule breaker :)
Link would be very helpful ;) :lol:
SimonRLM wrote: Link would be very helpful ;) :lol:

The Link is there - Ecowatt Renewable Energy Consultants

The ''link'' looks like normal text, unless rollover ;) better if you put

Link here >> :lol:

Looks OK, but i'm no fan.

Firstly I don’t like the style, the way everything is low on quality, its bring the website down. Next the links, nav bar should be made with CSS rather than image. Again low quality. The random number, never put down just the number, you need a icon, or a text Tel: followed with a email address, best to have it in text form then people can click, or copy and past, saves time, and is a good gadget for phones :D 90% of the people use a mobile phone to browse the internet, make sure its friendly.

The first page is the most important page of a website, never ever drag, i tend to find that a small section for what you do and what ur about, what u supply, and a list of prices, even if there base. No point in putting a big paragraph, its boring, annoying.

Split it up into section, its better for the eyes, easy to navigate and deffo will attract more people. Don’t make it more than two scrolls, mainly for the first page, it’s a fucker to read then and people won’t follow.

In-line documents, always make sure the page is inline with the rest, yours is not as its not flush with the banner, it looks total poo.

Its abit low on quality, goods, and in your face, you don’t want a boring website nor do you want one that flashes like a fair ground but looks neat, smart and attracts..

The best bit I can say is the contact form, as there a big big must.
Hi Simon
First of all, please allow me to thank you for your constructive criticism ... "it looks total poo" was particularly helpful in discerning some areas where my coding could be improved.

I hope you wont mind if I point out a couple of minor flaws in your considered assessment:

"Next the links, nav bar should be made with CSS rather than image"

I realise you haven't actually looked at the source code for the site, if you had you would have seen that the Navigation is a List styled using CSS and doesn't contain any images.

The Random Number ... I'm inclined to agree somewhat, however:
It's only Random if you don't live in Australia .. in Aus everyone will recognise a Freecall number - if it was aiming at International clients then it would have been made clear it was Australia only.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by
"best to have it in text form "
... the only Images on the entire site are the Photos and the Social Icons, again a cursory look at the code would confirm this.

As for the design, it's what I was asked to reproduce - personally, I think it works quite well not being flush with the left side as it allows some breathing room and the line length sits within optimal readability lengths - of course, understand I say this with consideration for my Clients' and my personal taste.

I think 4 sentences is perfectly acceptable for a homepage and don't believe many people over the age of 10 will consider it a "fucker to read" - it's aimed at the Managers / Owners of larger companies considering moving to Green Energy solutions and I think I'm allowed to assume a reasonable education level for that market.

Negatives aside, I'm thrilled that you liked my contact form - I visit it daily to admire my handiwork and use it as an example of the fact that I can present text fields in a sensible order.

Again, thank you Simon for taking the time to dig deep into the website and offering your insights, I do hope it hasn't distracted you for too long from your Shoelace tying lessons ...

Remember, Mum can't tie them forever :)

Very much looking forward to your critique on my next CouchCMS project.

All the best with the Laces,

Firstly I would like to inform you that when you ‘’Review a website’’ its in relation to the customer, not as a designer.

Ok so I would like to say that I’m fully able to tie my shoes, trainers.. (Even though one loves straps)

What you need to understand is when you ask for something, its from a customer point of view and not as a designer. You’re showcasing your site it’s that simple and there is no need to become clever with someone who has over 10years experience in the web design/development industry. And someone who has run/ran a business for many of years. Just remember that one fella before you place your wall up.

You wanted an opinion otherwise you wouldn’t of posted, so I would advise that next time you don’t become too clever, I’m talking about the prospection as a customer, not a designer, I have no need to comment about the backend (code) of your website unless I find that it does not function correctly.

I wouldn’t have an intention to buy your product with the lack of design, never mind you’re attitude towards business, and talking about tieing shoes.

Just remember that I called your website POO because it was not an offensive word, I could of used words like shit, wank, toss..

Good Luck with your idea, I have no need to waste my time any longer, as you may understand time is money!!..
Hey, cool down guys!
I think this conversation is going the wrong way.
I am sorry but I'll have to disallow any further posting of this tenor in this thread.
Sorry KK.
Simon - apologies for the Shoelace comment.

I'm not dragging up a old topic for an argument nor was my intention as so before hand.

So please understand that to generate business and become a success, and get 10,000 people viewing your website per day because ''of how the front end is constructed'' and develop website's that generate 1,000£ a day from the way the website is presented, rather than coded. I think you can assume i ''know what I'm talking about''. Websites are advertisement tools, sale tools, and to promote a brand, or item. You can have the best looking, flash website and make no money, but if you want advice on how to PULL in new shoppers, new clients, and keeping them then you want to look PAST the code, and look at it from a customers view.

Wish you good luck in the near future, if its advice you want then do please contact me.
Thanks for the offer Simon, but I only came here for advice on coding CouchCMS and how to make the most of it.
This is a B2B website so it's about qualified leads rather than 10k hits a day from random people.
We're enjoying good rankings and strong leads so all is going to plan

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