Hi everyone! I figured it was about time I showcased at least one of my couchified websites.

We recently build this site a few months ago, it has only just launched and so is lacking in areas that will hopefully in the coming year fill it hugely.

It's for a new business so initially we didn't have much to go on, but the client had some very specific requests and I could think of no better way to implement them than to use couch as it allows us to wrap the CMS around the code, it really does allow for almost any possibility.

You can view the site here: http://www.hssafety.co.uk/

However, the "interesting" feature to make on this site was the "Contractor" pages, as seen here: http://www.hssafety.co.uk/contractors/

The google map and its "dropdown pins" are outputted via couch, we used google maps API to create the awesome interactivity but what use was that if we couldn't output the correct information for each pin? In the end we were able to have couch output ALL the information the script needed in order to drop the pin, have "InfoWindows" and were able to further filter this through to each "type" of contractor (You can filter the list by type and see only that contractors type on the map).

This was all relatively easy, really. The magic really comes in on the admin panel, though. We needed to be able to provide the client with an easy to use panel where he could enter just the address of the contractor he was adding and the rest would be done for him. We couldn't use google's address to Lat/Long converter here because there's a limit to the number of conversions you can do, which is fine but we don't want any limits.
In the end we found using Cheesypoof's solution to be the best option. This gave the client an easy visual map to select the contractors address, he can also type in the address if he prefers to get the lat/long coordinates. This meant the map on the front end picked up his inputted location.
As you can see here (The clients admin panel map):

It was definitely a fun website to build, we ran into obstacles we wouldn't usually but couch had solutions to them all. The client was very happy with his website and that was thanks to CouchCMS and it's brilliant versatility. :)