Hello Couchies!

I'd like to share a new website that I finished today: http://pravobezlimit.ru/

The common area is not complex, I'd like to underline only 3 interesting points:

- It uses my old, but still nice GoogleMaps module (viewtopic.php?f=8&t=8513) on page about/contacts. This point moves me to further develop this module, because it's useful in every project and easy to use for the client (but not as easy as it could be, yet).

- It uses Microdata to highlight active elements in navigation and convert them to Breadcrumbs. So, accordingly to (http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/richsnippets) the site will appear in Google search like "pravobezlimit.ru › Blog › News", with these beautiful breadcrumbs. Also Microdata is used to underline article's posted time and comment items.

- It uses my Indent Addon to make HTML output of textarea fields nicely indented.
I attach this addon here, just place it in addons and write in addons/kfunctions.php a line:
Code: Select all
require_once( K_COUCH_DIR.'addons/indent/indent.php' );

and use like
Code: Select all
<cms:indent 'tabs' '4'><cms:show textarea_content /></cms:indent>
<cms:indent 'spaces' '5'><cms:show textarea_content /></cms:indent>

The most complex part is a Personal area, where I created a ticket system like
- Question
-- Your comment
-- Admin comment
-- [form to post a comment]
- Another question
-- [form to post a comment]
- [form to post a question]
based on Nested pages (so in Admin-panel this scheme is displayed beautifully). Also payment systems, docs sharing, a page for SEO manager where he can see and change Meta tags for all pages, etc.

Thanks to the great CouchCMS and hope you'll like it!