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Here is my latest website done with Couch. It uses Couch Cart for products, also it has a design board/shopping bag functionality, so that the items can be added there first.

It has members implemented also, but that functionality is removed for the time being, will be added later on.

Client is slow with adding products, so you will see only a few test items, but you should get the look and feel from them.

p.s. Big thanks to KK and especially Cheesypoof for helping with JS :)
just had a flying visit to your site and have to say I really like it - very clear and showing off the products really well.
@potato Thanks !!
Really nice clean design, great product showcase.

Is the Quickview of products a dynamic modal?

You should turn pretty URL's on and use the gen_htaccess :)
Yep, I like my designs simple and clean! The modal is dynamic, it takes all the info from related product and the href attribute is updated with
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<cms:show k_page_name />
. Now when you mention it, I think I should change the prefix modal to quickview or similar :)

As for the rewrites, good catch, totally forgot about it. Thanks
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