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Hello Couchies!

Happy New Year to everyone !!!
it is still new, isn't it, although already 20 days old ;-)

And thanks to all who share their sites here… it is very interesting to see the many faces of Couch :-)
I share two websites now:

The client is using Couch after working with Word Press - she is delighted how user friendly the admin area is and how easy it is to manage all contents with Couch…

Here Couch recognizes the language preferences in the browser and directs to the right site…
Nested pages for the menu, so the client can add menu items herself…
upcoming events are automatically updated…application form…well, Couch does everything…and I am happy as well as my client …

And here is another site, my personal, proudly powered by Couch :-)

Thanks Kamran !
And thanks Couch community!

A very happy new year to you too, Tanja :)

Thank you for sharing your work with us.

I noticed that you have very graciously provided a link to Couch on both the sites despite having bought commercial licenses for them.

I really appreciate your gesture.
Thank you very much :)
HI Kamran!
Link is really the least one can do...
I can do so many things with Couch that I coudn't do before and the support you provide is unsurpassable!!
And I do hope that Couch becomes more and more popular as both webdesigners/developers and their clients benefit from it...

Thanks for the great work KK!

Hello Tanja,
Happy New Year to you, too, and thanks for sharing these websites!

Your sites are nice, but for my developer's view they have someting to improve.. If you don't mind, let me share my general thoughts.

1. About the first site, I suppose you converted it from WP to Couch and didn't make a close look to Frontend, but there are some points that couldn't be ignored ..
- the thing about your (guess) snippets/footer.php that include (guess):
Code: Select all
            &copy; 2014 Alkan Society Vienna| <a href="" target="_blank">Webdesign &amp; development:</a> | Proudly powered by <a href="" target="_blank">Couch</a>

Please, don't duplicate Html an Body tags, they throw an error. Just use
Code: Select all

<!--End mc_embed_signup-->
<!-- sign up end -->

<cms:embed 'footer.php' />


and cleared footer.php snippet.

- I suggested it before, about using only needed subsets for Google fonts. On this site it's not so actual, because unnessessary fonts are equal about 70KB (for overall 400Kb main page), but it's just a good practice for production to use only what you need.
- If you have such an ability, ask the hosting provider to enable Gzip, that will make a website much smaller.

2. About your site,
- there are some errors in DOM like wrong first </div> in line
Code: Select all
      </div> <!-- end nav top-->

or unneccessary </p> and not separated id="reset_message"class="button buttontny":
Code: Select all
<!-- CMS--><input type="text" name="place"  id="place" value="" />
<div class="clear"></div>

        <label for="human">Is the sky green or blue? <em>* (Anti-spam question)</em></label>
<input type="text" name="human"  id="human" value=""  class="input-text required-entry" placeholder="Anti-Spam Frage"/>     
<div id="button">
<!-- CMS--><input type="submit" id="send_message" class="button buttontny" value="send" />
<input type="button" id="reset_message"class="button buttontny" onClick="formReset()" value="delete" />

<!-- CMS-->

- Also I think that it's much UX better to use
Code: Select all
.top-bar-section .has-dropdown > a:after {
    border-color: #186d81 transparent transparent;

than the white transparent one.

Anyway, the other things look like nice-crafted!
I just discovered my thoughts based on my experience, please don't think that I dislike your work, it's awesome)
Hi Musman!

Your feedback is much appreciated!
I'll look at the issues and correct (not right now, do not have time, but soon)...

The first site is not converted form WP, I did it completely new for the client... Yes, what you saw are snippets with those tags left there...I changed now to Brackets, so I do not get all the time automatic html and body tags whenever I make a new document, that I forget to delete..

I do not think that my provider provides Gzip...For my website (the second) I did myself some Gzip compression for all the javascript and css , with the terminal (on Mac)....
And I followed instructions from the Google PageSpeed so I also did browser caching but the the fonts, yes I thought of it, but finally forgot to do...
And according to the Google PageSpeed Insight the site got faster, from 39/100 to 70/100 on mobile , and from 60/100 to 89/100 for desktop...

Thanks for the feedback on those issues!

Hello again,
I've forgotten to apologize about my not so good English, so I'm sorry if I wrote something inappropriate... I really think your skills are high-leveled and your works are better than a huge amount of websites I have seen.
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