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Hi All,

I bumped into couch while checking out CMSes which could be easily used by designer. Finally I found couch (Thank God). In a instance I knew this is what me & my team will be working on from now on. Such incredibly easy to use. With absolutely no knowledge of php we have been able to create a real dynamic site.

Showcasing our first website developed in Couchcms.

A simple site which we would have otherwise built in plain html is now a dynamic website thanks to couch.

A special thanks to Kamran for the wonderful wonderful support he has extended in this really small project. He did real hand holding, helped us fix bugs which had cropped up. I must add no developer would have done this but he went out of his way and helped us fix issues.
Thanks mate :)
You are always welcome, Alok :) My pleasure.
Thanks for sharing your site with us.
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