Showcase your site built with CouchCMS here. Feel free to post in your site's screenshots (width not more than 640px please), links and your experience with Couch.
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Made for boule et billes school in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.
Fully responsive, 3 languages, private customer download, etc.

What's great with couch, beside the fact that it's great CMS, it's the fact that the control panel is really user friendly.

My client didn't know shit from Shinola when it came to computers, but in 2 hours tops he was able to add any content and pages he needed to his website.

Needless to say again that Couch is 10 times friendlier for my clients than CMS like Wordpress and such (hell, even I get lost on the multiple menus and options!)


hi Paolo - thanks for showing us your latest site - a substantial one! Well done ... I totally agree how easy Couch is for our clients. I was asked to look after a WP site and it bamboozled me - after being used to Couch I couldn't believe the back-end bloat!

Did you use nested pages for the menu?
Hi Potato,

yes, I used nested page for the menu, like that my client will not bother me every 5 minutes;
especially since the menu structure includes many different pages.

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