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I can confirm that those accordions on the pricing and guides pages are not working in FF for me. Sorry, @luxlogica. Never meant to pile on with complaints.
@tim, thank you for your feedback - and don't feel sorry: it's very important for me to get feedback like this, indeed, so I can correct problems that I may not have seen!

If I remember correctly, you had also found problems with the accordions in the Android browser. I think I must be doing something different with the accordions in this site, which is causing these issues - I'll have to have a closer look and compare with previous work. Unfortunately, right now I'm a bit snowed under with work, and this being my own site, means it'll have to wait... :(

Once again, thank you for the feedback. Once I've made some changes, I might have to ask you to please check it again for me, ok? :)
You should be able to fix the issue by moving the data-* attributes from the <h3/> to the <button/> ;)
@cheesypoof: thank you for the heads-up!

I thank everyone who pointed out the issues with the accordion elements in the site, and ask that, if at all possible, you please check the site again, and let me know whether the problem has been corrected.

I've checked on Safari, Firefox & Opera on the Mac, and it all appears to work fine. I've also checked it on iPhone/iPad, and it's all ok. Unfortunately, I do not have access to Windows/Linux machines, nor to an Android phone, so any feedback is truly welcome and useful!

Once again, many thanks for your feedback and assistance! The Couch Community is wonderful! :-)
In Firefox for Android, the accordions on the pricing and manuals pages are now working, but the main navigation menu still doesn't drop down. It all works properly in the Chrome browser, though. You can PM me if you want to continue testing and troubleshooting the problem.

The accordions on the AIAM site are working properly if that's any help to you.
Doh! :oops: I'd forgotten to update the nav menu! - thank you @tim for picking this up!

It should all be working now. Thank you for your testing, and please do let me know if you guys find any other issues.
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