Showcase your site built with CouchCMS here. Feel free to post in your site's screenshots (width not more than 640px please), links and your experience with Couch.
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Dear Couchers,

I thought I'd add our new website - totally wired up with Couch on the backend - to this showcase.

I'm new to Couch, so our site is not (yet) a proper showcase of all the amazing, high-end and complex features that Couch has. Rather, it is a good example of just how unobtrusive and adaptable Couch is, being able to easily fit into any design and site structure with ease. We had a simple, but rather specific design and style in mind, and turning it into a CMS with Couch was quick, and fun.

I hope you'll enjoy it:
@tim, thank you for your feedback via PM! I wanted to reply to you via PM as well, but you've got private messaging turned off, so I'll have to do it here - I hope you don't mind!

Your feedback is indeed appreciated.

I experiment with many different HTML/CSS/JS frameworks, and for the MacServery website we chose to go with Bootstrap. Unfortunately, no framework - and no design - is *totally* cross-browser compatible. There will always be little differences in display and functionality, and depending on the framework, and the design, these differences may be quite noticeable.

Bootstrap is one of the most cross-compatible frameworks around, but it does have its limitations. We noticed, for instance, quite a few quirks with Opera - on all platforms - and also on several browsers on Linux... We considered changing over to Semantic UI - a wonderful new framework - but the complications there were greater (at least for the time being), and ultimately decided to stick with Bootstrap.

I don't own an Android device, so I would never have known about the problem with our 'Info & Pricing' page, if you had not told me. Thank you! I'm not sure there is much I'll be able to do about it, but I'll check into whether we can at least detect the browser, and display a warning. At the very least, I'll report a bug to the Bootstrap team!

Once again, many thanks!
hi luxlogica - as a few of us probably use Bootstrap as well, would you mind telling us what the issue/bug is that you've come across?

Every so often I try out other frameworks (Foundation, Pure) and haven't yet been fully convinced that anything else is 'better' than Bootstrap - better the devil you know!
I noticed that in Firefox for Android, the drop down for the menu button doesn't respond. There are also some drop down menus on the pricing page that don't work. Chrome for Android doesn't have this problem. FF for Android, though... Opera... Linux... How much does it really matter?

There is such a proliferation of devices, OSes, browsers, and apps that people are using nowadays that testing compatibility across everything may be impossible. Makes you kinda wish you could just have IE6 back.
@potato, the main technical issues I've found with Bootstrap have to do with mobile browsers. The issue pointed out by @tim is a problem with the javascript used in the Accordion component. Bootstrap still has quite a few 'gotchas' like that, but as @tim mentioned, in the end it boils down to the fact that you'll *never* be able to cater for every browser on every platform, so it's a matter of choosing which demographic to (safely) ignore, from project to project.

Like you, I've tried and used several different frameworks, but keep going back to Bootstrap. Right now, I am developing a fondness for Semantic UI. Its components are so well designed, and a lot of the animations, interactions and effects are purely CSS-driven (which degrades more gracefully than heavy JS usage). It's quite promising, and it's one of the sites I'm checking regularly, and eagerly awaiting for the '1.0' release!
@luxlogica I'm going to have a closer look at Semantic UI ... I often try to remember that less is better - implementing anything fancy or complex is far more likely to cause problems in some browser/device/OS combination out there - if not now then in the future - that we could never know about. Fortunately I have found that clients are more often than not on a similar wavelength - the desire for fancy/flashy websites has been replaced by the clear and straightforward. Hooray!

I would take a look at Ui Kit, very good framework.
There are, indeed, many interesting front-end frameworks - if anyone else is interested:
win7 Firefox 30 and IE11 - not a single dropdown menu is working, at Chrome it works fine
cl wrote: win7 Firefox 30 and IE11 - not a single dropdown menu is working, at Chrome it works fine

@cl, thank you for the feedback, but there is only one dropdown menu in my whole site - the one in the Contact Form, in the Contact Us page. Do you mean the 'accordions' used in the 'Info & Pricing' and the 'Guides' page?

If you could confirm, that would be very helpful - thanks in advance!
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