Here is a site I built for a Hip Hop Artist.

I have included the link as text just to be double sure it wont be indexed by search engines since this is just the testing version of a clients site. Copy and paste it to the browser. It shows past events and upcoming events using couch. Couch allowed me to have a clean easy to use back-end and performed the functions I needed well. Next up, I may add a map link using couch, but I am having a few problems showing it in a new window.

Please any comments, constructive criticism would be much appreciated. I am returning to web development after a 10 year hiatus. Hopefully, the site doesn't look outdated. My main goal was functionality, so there are bells and whistles like you can listen to music while browsing the site. Also, I am a little concerned about the high contrast black/white/gold scheme, it may be a little dull.