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Hi all, today i want to share what i have achieved with couch.

A few months ago I started looking to start a web design business, I started by searching a way to allow my future customers to administrate easily their websites, I started with wordpress but i found it very difficult to customize the way I wanted (and also difficult to the most basic users to maintain the website) so I searched for other options, after days trying i found an article about couch in and i give it a try, after some hours i fall in love with it and i have spent some time learning almost all the functionality (or at least the ones i find more usable for me right now).

So now I´m almost ready to launch my website, also developed a demo site for future clients to try the system, there are still some adjustments i have to make but I´m pretty happy with what i have achieved up until now.

The website is originally in Spanish, I make a very rough translation only for this showcase and maybe there are many error but understanding the way couch works there shouldn't be difficult to understand it.

I also wanna point that the system deserves all the support all of us users can make, besides the great functionality the support is amazing and thanks to that support i was able to achieve many things, in my case as soon as i can (its difficult due to the limitations in Venezuela to access foreign exchange) i plan to buy my first license which is really a little price considering the benefits of the system.

Anyway enough of talking, here is the main site: please feel free to try the handeled form to register and request a website that combines multistep form with the members module:

request.jpg (34.98 KiB) Viewed 7537 times

You can also try the demo site:
User: user
password: 12345

The functions i like the most are:
    inline edit
    A top bar with some customization options
    Custom forms
    Custom sidebars and footers

Among others... so please if you have any comments suggestions or critics please let me know

demo.jpg (63.67 KiB) Viewed 7537 times
You've clearly done a lot of work to set the groundwork for your business and I wish you the best of luck. You've done a great job of using many of Couch's features while keeping the administration simple and accessible. I especially like how you added a link to view your documentation from the admin panel. That seems like a very useful feature. Also the styling of the links and buttons for on-page editing is very nice and usable. Your registration page looks clean and easy to use. If I wanted a website, I feel like I could easily walk through the steps, give you my money, and get started (although 12 hours seems like a long time to wait). ;)

Now put on your thick skin, because here is where I'm going to offer some help and suggestions.

First, I don't really like the overall design and structure of the site. That's just my own opinion and doesn't mean there's anything wrong with it. It just doesn't suit my personal tastes. The only reason that matters is because you're trying to sell it. As you develop your business, you'll want to add different designs and styles to suit different tastes and purposes. It would be nice to earn a living off of a single design adaptable to all situations, but I don't think that will prove to be practical.

Also, I ran into some technical problems with the pop-up editor that you should know about.

I see that you corrected the CSS conflict between @cheesypoof's responsive admin theme and the pop-up editor. For some reason, that fix doesn't work in Safari. So if your clients are using Safari, the editor works, but it's weird. It sounds like version 1.4.5 with the new admin panel theme will be released pretty soon. You might want to wait for that rather than to put too much effort into a deprecated add-on.

Finally, the pop-up editor is unusable on an Android phone (and probably others). There seems to be some conflict between the pop-up and the page's CSS. The pop-up editor expands beyond the size of the screen and can't be resized. Responsive designs can be finicky and seem to easily create unexpected and broken behavior.

Thanks for sharing your work and best wishes for your new venture.
Hi tim, thanks a lot!! Glad you like it

Yeah the demo design is a very basic design that I don´t plan to sell, it´s just to allow future clients to try the CMS functionality before making a choice, I plan to develop several "pre-made" designs and also offer the option of personalized customizations if needed. I do going to rethink the time for make the page live.

You pointed some things I didn´t noticed at all, I´ll definitely going to take a look to that

So thanks for your comments and the heads up :D
really, really cool! thumbs up
Hello ar2ro,
nice and looks great.
Can you tell me how to got the navigation to couch cms.

I need the same with:
- Title
- Parent Page (listing to choose from)
- Redirect URL

Hope to hear from you. chichi
* * * * * * I LOVE COUCH CMS - flexible and straight forward * * * * * *
Hi chichi, by "got the navigation to couch cms" do you mean the link from the front-end to the back-end?? If its that you can do that using <cms:show k_admin_link/> as value for the href attribute.

Please explain me a little more the other stuff, I dont really understand what you mean by
I need the same with:
- Title
- Parent Page (listing to choose from)
- Redirect URL

You state that you were able to create a demo for your clients to try the system, Please can you explain to me how you were able to do this, i have been looking for an answer for weeks.

"also developed a demo site for future clients to try the system,"

Thank you ver much
The demo site is gone now, but it was just that: a simple site to demonstrate the functions and features of the backend. You set up an admin user with simple credentials like username: admin, password: password, and let people try it out.

You could set a CRON job or use some sort of manual method to reset the database to its default state every so often.
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