I recently had to do one website that needed simple shopping cart integrated. About the same time when I accepted the project, I saw that Couch was given it's own shopping cart in the form of Couch Cart.

It was a sign of relief for me, beacuse I never did any e-coomerce, but knew that if Couch has it now-how hard can it be?

And yes, I was right, implementing the couch cart is pretty straightforward by following the tutorial. If you ever worked before with Couch, then implementing e-commerce functionality won't be that hard.

The only issues I had were with implementing custom pay via bank account checkout, but as always KK stepped in and provided a very simple solution to my problems, that I can now use on every other site that would need such functionality.

All in all Couch cart is very simple and effective way of adding e-commerce to your client's websites, especially for those(like me) who were afraid in the past to go into uncharted waters of e-commerce.

Here is the link to website in question: http://www.jadedpalates.com