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Hello All,

thought I'd share one of our recent Couch powered client sites

Site is based on Bootsrap for responsive layouts and 99% of it can be administered by the client, including the Hero slider. The client primarily updates the site via his iPad.

a.jpg (59.04 KiB) Viewed 3586 times

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great job! looks clean and nice.
hi Patrick - thanks for showing us the site. The colours work well - seem just right for a pharmacy. Extensive and very clear navigation - on both mobile & desktop versions. A BIG site.

Did you use Couch nested pages? Also impressed with the navigation for mobile - this is tricky with multi level menus. I'm guessing you extended the Bootstrap functionality for this.

Good stuff!
@cmdillon - cheers :)

@potato - thanks also, yep to nested pages with menu maker method for the main nav, then just a few "points to another page" for a few clonables such as news and those static pages using a different template i.e. Home, Contact.

The menu is basically a re-skin of the standard bootsrap dropdown with this great plugin from Cameron Spear: ... -dropdown/

It worked a charm, very little to do once that was implemented and it's only an enhancement for desktop - it doesn't effect mobile because there is no hover only touch as you know.
hope you gat a paid copy of Couch :D
I'm not primitive, My time machine just malfunctioned in your era.
cholasimmons wrote: hope you gat a paid copy of Couch :D

I'm more than happy to insist we go the license route to continue to help this awesome product develop further. The support alone is worth 10 times the license cost, both developer and forums (shout out to cheesypoof, your help is not unnoticed thanks man).

I would encourage anyone to buy a license even if they leave the credit link because there is no such thing as a free meal, and supporting a solid product encourages continued development of it. Couch is amazing and that should not be forgotten - if your clients budget permits it (which it should because there's a lot of bang-for-buck) then show some love. I keep throwing curveballs but KK has an answer for everything, this CMS is so flexible.

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