I'm posting about the site that I made for a schoolmate and a client. It's really all about their political party and student elections and stuff. Pardon if you can't understand some words (especially the title -- it's in Filipino) but most are in English, anyway.


Links: Project on Behance | My small portfolio | See it live

I really had fun using Couch. All of my previous CMS-powered websites are done using Wordpress, so it's my first time using a different CMS. I must say, Couch CMS is REALLY easy to use -- living up to its tagline: "CMS Uncomplicated". Docs are pretty straightforward and I really liked how it makes things easier. Though the only problem I see with this is that unlike Wordpress, Couch doesn't seem to have many plugins which would give the website more flexible features; it works better on more static websites, anyway, so Couch CMS became the perfect tool for this particular website.

Since I had a great time making the website using Couch, I decided to try making it a responsive website, and so I did. It's the first time that I made a responsive site, and I'm happy with that :D

I also would like to give a shout-out to KK for helping me with my site. :D

I hope you guys enjoy. :D Thanks!