Hello all,

After several interest in our live feed of just pictures we decided to run a live feed using couch. With the support from the Couch Team and a few members we successively did this.

We was approached by the British Rally cross, asking us if we could run a live feed with live timing. However we was just doing it via our online website where viewers could see updates of the action as it unfolds. Spectators could also see whats up next if they didn't have a program and what times people were pushing, due to the nature of rallycross there wasn't an tv or information for each race so people had to find out who did what at the end.

In the heat of the live timming, which we tested before it was launched people said ''cant read much when on mobile, so i had to in a matter of minutes make a mobile version.

And our ratings went through the roof. Not only did the spectators have their phones to hand, reading the results as it happened, the drivers also had their mobile phones out too, some even got family to sort out a viewing board, laptop or screen connected to the laptop and before the finals they decided to get a overhead projector, and a laptop that was showing the live feed.

A big thanks to couch for making the possible, the own downfall was they had to refresh the page to see a update, so a auto refresh is needed for both the live page and the mobile version

Take a look here

Website Version

Mobile Version

Again a big thanks to couch