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About 6 months ago I was asked by a good friend of mine to create a website for his artist management company in Washington, D.C. I was thinking of going with Drupal or Wordpress as they were more familiar but I realized that I didn't want to use a heavy CMS and my biggest priority was maintaining front end code as much as possible. After stumbling upon couch after running into numerous CMS's and reading an interview with Kamran I decided to give it a shot.

Couch was exactly how I imagined content management should be, and though I was a novice, Kamran has helped me every step of the way (and continues to do so). It's rare to come across a man so genuine and courteous as Kamran, and I feel blessed to have stumbled upon Couch.

The new repeatable regions in v1.3 have made slideshows and galleries a breeze. In fact, my client is able to import a single image that gets automatically resized for both the main image on the page as well as the thumbnail. Sorting items is simple via drag and drop. The icing on the cake is the clean, brandable back end. I plan on using Couch on many more sites in the future, this is just the beginning. To check out Indie Love Enterprises go to

Thank you very much for those very kind words, Brad :)
It was a pleasure working with you too.
hi Brad, you put into words exactly what I think - I couldn't agree with you more on all you say about Kamran and Couch! We are lucky - the documentation and this forum offer a fantastic level of support - and all done with such style and good grace.
I also agree, the support here is amazing... especially from Kamran and I also want to mention cheesypoof.

I also read an interview about Couch and Kamran and after I finished the tutorial on this site, I decided to drop WordPress and use Couch for all my upcoming projects. It is a really pleasure to work with Couch.

@ Brad: I love your minimal design, but in my opinion, the blue link color doesn't really match with the rest of the site. Maybe you can change the color to the same brown/yellow color from the menu. But it may also be a matter of taste.

P.S.: For the interested, you can read the interview on: ... iendly-cms
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