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Located in Huntington Beach, California (USA), Auto Union Tuning performs factory maintenance, performance tuning, and repair services on Audis, Volkswagens, and Porsches. They also sell assorted automotive parts through their website that I created. Powered by CouchCMS. :)
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Hi cheesypoof,

That's really impressive what you can do with CouchCMS.
From what I can see, you've successfully managed some pretty complex tasks with CouchCMS
and even integrated a shop system into CouchCMS - I think you really did a great job there!

The gallery pics are a bit slow in loading for my taste, but maybe this was just a temporary thing with the server.
A few ID and class names are unsemantic, but that's some petty criticism, I know ;-)
The AUTO UNION TUNING logo on the company nameplate (with the green gear as O in UNION) as shown in the Store Lauch News would also be great as a website logo IMHO, but I could imagine your client didn't choose it for legal reasons.

I like the look and feel of the site as well as its general accessibility.
Even keyboard navigation is working well.
Another plus point: very good validator results, too (the exception being some bits of paypal code, but that's not your fault :-).
BTW, the Wheels pages, among others, are really classy looking!

Thumbs up for a really great job!

Thank you for the feedback Solaris!

I'm quite certain I have implemented the gallery lightbox correctly. I don't know what exactly may be causing this slowness, but after reviewing traffic logs as a result of your post, it does appear that sometimes people receive only partial content: HTTP status code 206 instead of 200 for the full-size gallery images. Unless someone has any ideas, I'm going to chalk it up to a server/client quirk or the visitor stopping the request before it has finished.

The way I see things, the current logo is more memorable and unique than the longer one in that picture. I think it is therefore more effective at establishing the company's brand.

For just about every 'hover' state that was coded, I made sure to add 'focus' as well, so I'm glad someone noticed that detail. :)

Lots of templates for this project. :P
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cheesypoof wrote: I don't know what exactly may be causing this slowness

After checking again I'd say in most cases "real" visitors (as opposed to us stress testing web workers) will probably notice this only *once* anyway, i.e. when clicking on the *first* selected picture. If, for instance, an interested customer clicks on thumbnail #6 (Volkswagen GTI), they will most certainly watch the picture for a few seconds before clicking again - time enough for the next image (Porsche Boxster) to load.
One reason you don't notice this with the original gallery on might be the use of the longer transition effects chosen there which may hide the actual loading time.

cheesypoof wrote: The way I see things, the current logo is more memorable and unique than the longer one in that picture. I think it is therefore more effective at establishing the company's brand.

I agree with your points, and my comment wasn't meant as criticism of the new solution anyway. :)

cheesypoof wrote: For just about every 'hover' state that was coded, I made sure to add 'focus' as well, so I'm glad someone noticed that detail. :)

I always appreciate this when visiting a site, as it mostly stands as proof of a designer who cares about usability and accessibility.

cheesypoof wrote: Lots of templates for this project.

Extensive but not cluttered :)
Great site you have made, cheesypoof! Well done!
Wast it easy to setup ''cheesypoof''

I'm currently working on a clients website, they have asked about a shopping cart being integrated. I normally use a different software. Always good to have full control over the layout and design.

Website looks great. Functions really well. Keep it up!
Thanks Martijn and Simon.

Whether you are coding a blog or a store, the Couch concepts are pretty much the same. I was learning Couch along the way, so I found the coding moderately difficult at the time. There were only a few issues with the vehicle selection system that stumped me. KK was gracious enough though to help me address them.

If you are comfortable with Couch, you can make it work. If you are going to want a shopping cart so you can process payments, then you will need to integrate third-party software to handle that.
I've been looking at that Easy Baskit you was talking about.

Creating the shop through couch seams really simple to me, had a browse through this one you have done and its great work.

The only issue's i have is the complex of easy baskit and how their code works. Like when you Add a product to the shopping cart, it shows the amount, Quantity, Color, name and price. Is that done with easy baskit?

any advice would help me out
First I would suggest if you are able to wait for the next Couch release, do so as KK has said it will include a shopping cart. It will undoubtedly be more secure and customizable than any third-party bolt-on shopping cart.

When using EasyBasket, Couch is obviously still responsible for generating the product pages html. All you have to do is create a form with the appropriate inputs. For product options like 'Size' or 'Color', I used Couch shortcodes to generate the markup.

EasyBasket uses a session cookie to keep track of each visitor and their respective shopping cart. When you click 'add to cart', the contents of the previously mentioned form are sent by JavaScript to EasyBasket. The shopping cart is then re-loaded with the updated cart information, again with the help of JavaScript.

If you still plan on going down the EasyBasket route, please read this: viewtopic.php?p=10102#p10102 and let me know if you would like me to send you some of my modified files.
Hi cheesypoof,

I'm working on search for a site and to filter say products and wondering if you might be so kind as to shed some light on how you achieved you filter by vehicle.

With only been able to assign a page to a single folder I think it's important to have an approach to filter by additional "aspects" that are based on drop down fields.

I see the query passing into the URL just wondering if you used native couch or some custom PHP to look up / fetch results.

Nice site btw, great work :)
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