Our brand new website has gone live.

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The brand new website offers so much more than the eye can see. We have focused on making sure its jam packed with articles, features and news reports to keep people busy!

With the new design we have also condescend things somewhat. Our login panel has now changed and shows as a much smarter design. This means the viewer can now use the drop down section, having the relevant information to hand with just one click.

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On the new design we have also bought in a cover photo within all the cloned pages.

Its a much cleaner website than before and we cant be any happier with it.

We are currently working on a Trade store that will allow traders to post their products. With that an exclusive area is being re-done to follow with the design. A projects section where people can then post up their car builds and process, keeping them interactive with the website.

Please do take a look and leave us some feedback.