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Well folks Automotive Media Services took over from revlimit magazine in 2012 to produce a vast area of news, allowing us to focus on getting all the news and information online rather than within a magazine. With me owning this company and also running my design company it was hard to keep on track with the demanding magazine. So we then decided to move forward.

See the website live. http://www.automotive-media.co.uk

We have now got two brand new contracts within the motorsport scene. The first being the GP2 and the GP3. Everyone world wide should know that the GP2 is a step down from the F1, and the GP3 is a step down from the GP2. Vast drivers now in the F1 season was racing in the GP2 before getting the seat so we like to see new talent and work with drivers to get their message across the world.

With that we also have a contract for the BTCC. This is something we are currently working on however something that we shall work harder on. The BTCC focus on racing in mainly the UK (United Kingdon)

We also have various different contacts too, publishing drifting, time-attack, rallycross which was obtained in 2011.

We are currently working on our Tradestore and Projects panel.

The website features are seen around the pages with being able to categorize the news and articles, making it easier for you to find the publications with ease.