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Dear Fellow couch members.


About the Site.
Revlimit magazine was constructed in 2008 and set off in 2009. In 2011 we decided to build our website around couch, (Not one you lazy on) the Content Managment system.

We have been in constent talks with the owners of Couch and obtained alot of good advice and product information, we decided to build the website around couch and first producded this 6months ago.

The website you can visit is so.

About me.
I'm a business man at heart and revlimit magazine is my main project to improve test and build new things, i have my own webdesign company and base my work around that, hence why the magazine is always undergoing changes. Need anything just ask.

If you take a browse into the News/Blogs section you can see the new design, if you take a look at the posts you can see a total new design from what the features where, which is the old style.

Old Style.
New style.

I have the new website to input but will soon upload this within the next few days and do a proper showcase. :lol: Trying to move house, building a race car, running a business, no time for me anymore, its all go go go. And dont forget building the magazine, going to car shows, wirtting reviews. sure you can understand why im so busy

Couch CMS (About)
Outstandingly couch has been the biggest support on learning there snippets and the code to run couch, ive never had any problems and things have gone really well. You will see a review within the next few weeks.

We hope you enjoy the website and of course, need any help with your website, PM me.
We have a update.

Check out the all new index page 'home' of revlimit magazine.

We have intergrated a few new items, gallery, updates to come, events, list down the sidepanel, and a cool new slidedeck that finally works.

Works in, IE, Firefox, and all other browses.

If you wish to comment, please do so.

Please note: the website is still undergoing construction, and will be finished within the next few weeks. hope you enjoy.
Looks awesome man! What's the name of the font in the header?

I'm glad you've sorted the slidedeck out :) very nice design.


The fonts called,

Arial, :lol: take it your on about the bold bit that reads ''Proud to Procude'' <-- thats in Arial, Light, But set to bold in the settings, and in the wordpad settings set to -100 letter space.

The rest are in a different font, but i just can-not remember the name :mrgreen:
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